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Engineered for new applications, retrofit upgrades, and to print your dreams.

Size Matters. Cut costs with an industrial quality 3D printer.

At re:3D Inc.®, we believe that size shouldn’t hold you back. Gigabot rivals other industrial printers at 1/10 the cost and boasts a build volume 30X larger than desktop models.

^ (11 x 10 x 9in.)   |  ^ Gigabot (23.2 x 24 x 24in.)   |   ^ (11 x 12 x 18in.)

1 Gigabot for Every 100 Sold


Committed to inspiring local solutions, re:3D® is commited to empowering local change-makers by developing quality, industrial printers that can be adapted in new markets.  Additionally, for every 100 Gigabots delivered, re:3D  donates a Gigabot to a group dedicated to improving their community.

Congratulations to 3D Nigeria Project as this year’s crowdsourced awardee in our Gigabot® for social good Giveaway.

Open Gigabot® Ongoing Research and Development


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